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University Announces Work Group to Evaluate Athletics

SPRINGFIELD -- Missouri State University President Clif Smart announced today the formation of a University work group to evaluate strategies to reduce expenses in Intercollegiate Athletics.
The Athletics Budget Work Group will be chaired by Dr. Jim Hutter, faculty athletics representative.
Today's announcement came on the heels of recently-announced state funding withholdings and budget reductions. Last week, Missouri State's Board of Governors also approved guiding principles the University will use to develop its fiscal year 2018 budget.
"Now more than ever, our budget needs to be in line and fit with the changing financial landscape of Missouri State University," said Director of Athletics Kyle Moats. "We continue to be committed to the welfare of our student-athletes and compliance with Title IX. Those things are paramount to this process."
Smart has charged the study group to determine ways athletics expenses can be reduced by at least $750,000.
"The committee will have a difficult and unenviable task," said Moats. "Everything will be reviewed and studied closely. But ultimately as revenue has decreased and expenses in intercollegiate athletics have increased, this is the right time to evaluate how our resources are allocated."
According to Moats, the six-member study group will begin its work immediately with hopes of presenting its findings later this spring to the Board of Governors.
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