Achievement Center Principles of Operation


Principles of Operation

The Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center operates on the following principles:

The Achievement Center exists to assist student-athletes in their academic endeavors and life-skills development.

The Achievement Center staff and services are available to any student-athlete regardless of team, financial aid status, or remaining eligibility status and in accordance with all University, State, and Federal policies.

Student-athletes should remain as much a part of the student body as possible.

Because they must follow the NCAA rules and requirements, student-athletes should have some special consideration in areas that are directly affected by those rules and requirements.  They should not expect to receive special treatment simply because they are student-athletes.

Student-athletes are responsible for their own performance or lack thereof.

The Achievement Center provides services and advice.  It is up to the student-athlete to choose whether or not to use what is available.

Grades are earned, not given. 

The final grade should reflect the effort and quality of work for each course.

Student-athletes are responsible for all coursework assignments, notes, exams, etc. that are missed due to travel.

It is the student-athletes’ responsibility to communicate with instructors regarding their travel schedule, submission of assignments, and rescheduling exams. 

Every effort should be made to contact instructors, submit work and take exams before leaving on the trip.

The Achievement Center follows a philosophy of using preventative measures to address potential problems rather than crisis control after an academic problem has developed.

The accumulation of study hall time is a major part of time management. 

Student-athletes should accumulate study hall time according to their own schedule and based on their own needs and preferences unless it is proven by an individual that more structure is necessary for success.

Every allowable option under the appropriate rules, requirements, and guidelines should be exhausted before giving up on a student-athlete’s academic or eligibility situation.